Fruit Popsicles

Popsicles never get old in my house. Nope—not even during winter. In fact, if you open our freezer, it’s pretty much 60% full of popsicles and ice cream. The former being something that I’m always stocking with homemade batches. Can you tell we live in Southern California?

Fruit Pops | Real Food by Dad

The latest batch you see here are whole fruit pops filled out with some Bai5 drinks. My new favorite. An all-natural, five-calorie drink that packs some serious taste and comes in a wide variety of flavors.

For the popsicles you see here, I used: Molokai Coconut, Sumatra Dragonfruit, and Congo Pear. For the full list of flavors make sure you click here . . . and psst, some of my other favorites – Costa Rica Clementine, Panama Peach and Brasilia Blueberry.

Fruit Pops_Real Food by Dad

As for the fruit, use what you can source and what you like. There’s nothing exacting about it. I used what my family loves and filled my popsicles full of it because fruit is a big deal around here, especially with my 8-year-old.  These didn’t last long, but luckily these also don’t take long to make—little chopping, pouring, throw a stick in the middle—and done.

Fruit Pops via Real Food by Dad

See what I mean about easy? There’s no recipe to share, just mix and match the drinks and fruit to your preference to create your healthy popsicle licks.

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