Sensible After-School Snacks

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I’m back with more after-school food, because there are more school days than not and I need all the help I can get. Today’s after school snack is brought to you by Dr. Praeger’s a new family favorite—by both kids and adults.  

I’m sure you can guess why my kids love it, right? Animal shaped food – what’s not to like? Of course having a crazy toddler who likes to make-up stories with his food as main characters certainly helps and makes for easy eating. Thankfully my 10-year-old adores his little brother and they end up having sweet potato dinosaurs battle super power fishies that shoot broccoli stars.  CGA

Huh? I know—same. But who am I to ruin their story telling. The only time I interject myself is if the food turns into an all out food fight and things start flying across the room—which has happened on more than one occasion.  


But to back track, all these animal shaped veggies bites are products of Dr. Praeger’s frozen food that is made of pronounceable and recognizable ingredients—real food ingredients that are for everyone, including vegetarians, pescetarians, vegans and are gluten-free friendly.  


It’s pretty incredible stuff that my kids are hooked on and Naomi and I have been eating while they are at school. Of course, we are usually too busy eating and working to come up with fun stories like the kids. Although every once in a while, we get juvenile and try to out do each other with super hero stories to pass on to our kids who always take it up a notch.   

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