Perfect Mid-Game Fuel

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Nature Nate’s.

We are rolling through one season of baseball after another. From the regular season, to TOC, to All-Stars, Cole and I are always on the hunt for grab-and-go foods and mid-game snacks to fuel him.


Our latest obsession is Nature Nate’s Honey Packets. Have you seen them? They are single-serve packets of 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered Honey , perfect for dads and kids on the go.

Like most baseball players, Cole has a few pre-game rituals that he never misses. So it’s no surprise that his pre-game food is part of that ritual. It’s always the same: smoothie plus a yogurt parfait with fruit and honey. Naturally, we’ve been loving the convenience of Nature Nate’s Honey Packets for his pre-game food. Where it has been a real saver is when Cole has one to two packets mid-way through the game for a little pick-me-up. He loves the taste and added energy boost, and I feel great about giving them to him because they are all-natural.


Now that we have the snacks handled, I just need to figure out how to chorale my 14 boys towards a successful All-Star season. By success, I mean one that they can be proud of and continue to learn as much about the game as they can. Sure, I’d love to win, but winning is an added benefit.

Baseball has, and always will be, a life experience that I hope to impart as a coach. Keeping Cole fueled and alert will make those lessons that much easier to learn.




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