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The Noggin app just introduced their new Learning Programs for kids and we are really enjoying it. Their new Learning Programs offer tons of tools to enrich your children’s cognitive, physical, and social and emotional growth. 

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Noggin. All opinions are my own. 

Noggin’s four Learning Programs include:

Healthy Heroes – A habitat for active bodies and minds! It’s a place where strong, active bodies and minds are developed. Kids learn about healthy habits, play through interactive cooking classes and exercise their gross and fine motor skills. 

Brave Explorers – There’s a universe of knowledge here! Kids learn to become curious, critical, and compassionate thinkers through their roles as little scientists, engineers, artists, biologists – and brave explorers.

Mighty Minds – Let the adventure begin! Kids can explore a library of interactive activities, that include fun math games to grow passionate mathematicians, to developing more confident writers and creating lifelong readers. 

Big Hearts – Share the love!! It’s never too early to start learning a strong self-awareness and positive relationships built on confidence, kindness and empathy. These skills are for young learners to grow into empathetic friends, responsible upstanders, and thoughtful problem solvers.

It’s a program that you can feel good about, its carefully developed path delivers exciting, fun content that is 100% safe for learning. The team behind the program are a cross selection of experts and advisors who are teachers, pediatricians, researchers and parents. 

My little guy is all about it. Next to a snack, it’s the first thing he reaches for when he arrives home from school. Most days, he’ll be exploring in the app playing brain boosting games, clicking through recommended-for-you learning modules, to reading books from his favorite Nick Jr. shows, but his favorite is always the Healthy Heroes program. 

There he learns yoga to help get him stretched and loose before baseball to making smoothies for his post game refuel. I love that Noggin is inspiring him to be more thoughtful, purposeful and independent in every aspect of his life from learning to doing. Check out Noggin HERE for a 60 free trial and let me know how your children enjoy it!

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