Halloween Snacking Board

Halloween Snacking Board ~ A sweet and savory snacking board that can be served as snacking or appetizer board.

 This  year Halloween is back better than ever and my kids are jumping with excitement. My little one has three costumes ordered and the teen is planning a big sleepover. Everyone meets here before we go off on our trick treating adventures, so I’m tasked with appetizers and main dishes, while Naomi has desserts and decor. Halloween is a big event around here.  

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Kroger. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

To kick things off, I’m serving the Halloween Treat board you see here.  Of course no snacking board is complete without seasonal produce. To ensure I find the freshest produce of the season, I shop Kroger. Their commitment to freshness makes boards like this shine. The apples are crisp and sweet just the way they should, not mealy or dull in flavor. The grapes are crunchy and sweet from skin to pulp and the blackberries soft, juicy and full of sweet earthy undertones. 

Are you seeing the theme there? Sweet is key for the produce. It balances the saltiness of the cured meats and olives. Every board needs cheese, right? For this kid friendly board, I went with a combo of Colby cheese and Murray’s Cheddar cheese. Both are mild enough for kids, while the latter has enough acidity and butteriness to make it the perfect pairing for the salami and capicola.  

 What’s a snacking a board without nuts, right? Kroger’s Simple Truth Apple Cinnamon Almonds are a seasonal must. They taste like fall in a bite and, I should mention, very kid friendly. For a more traditional salty finish, go for the Simple Truth Roasted Cashews. There to top it all off are a few google-y eyed chocolate pretzels—a kid favorite that adults equally embrace. 


Stay tuned because now that I have the snacking board worked out, I’ll be sharing my Halloween kid-friendly chili + baked potato board next. But before that  I just need to figure out Plan B for the kids if there costumes don’t arrive in time—EEP! 

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