A New Plant Based Cleaning Product: Home Made Simple

**This is sponsored post in collaboration with Home Made Simple. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Let’s be honest, I’m going to bet that many of us don’t love cleaning. It’s definitely not my favorite, so most days I pull on the gloves and power through it as quick as I can. Although these days, I’m finding reason to do it at a more leisurely pace. This is not to be mistaken that I love cleaning.

What it does mean is, I don’t dread it like I once did. These days I’m obsessed with my latest Walmart find: Homemade Simple a plant-based cleaning line. I’ve been switching my home over to all their products—from hand soap to dish soap and laundry detergent to fabric softener—it gets the job done while being more Earth friendly and gentle enough for my boys’ sensitive skin. Along with that, I appreciate the soft scents—so often times household cleaners are not only harsh, but are so strong in odor that I have to open all the windows and power through cleaning like a maniac.

Nowadays, I put on my headphones, hit my favorite playlist and clean at a more leisurely pace. And if I’m lucky on those day, I even get help from my little girl who has a habit of always being where I need to be—ahem, the laundry basket is her second bed.

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