This Year’s Best Gift ~

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Naomi and I are relatively new to wine sipping. By new, I mean we are thoroughly obsessed with discovering as many new wines as possible. For us that means being members of is a different kind of subscription that starts with becoming an Angel through a $40 a month membership investment. And instead of receiving wine each month, your investment goes into a piggy bank that allows you to you shop the bottles you want when you want and it ships directly to your doorstep. The investment goes to funding the grapes, the craft of wine making and supporting independent wine makers. strips away all the things that can drive wine prices up, things like: sales team, middlemen and big corporations. This gives you the ultimate perk as a member— insider prices of 40-60% off on hundreds of high quality wines from around the world that are exclusive to

I mean that’s amazing, right? The company started in 2009 in the UK and then expanded to the US and Australia in 2012. Today has over 100k members in the US alone and over 300k members world wide. It’s the only wine subscription that allows you get to know the faces behind each bottle and connects you with like-minded drinkers with their community groups and boards.

Now that I have you intrigued, make sure to take advantage of their offer of $100 off $160+ purchase for first time consumers.

Right now I’m all about these bottles of wine from Ana Diogo-Draper and Derek Rohlffs. Two incredible wine makers that I got to meet at the dinner party Naomi and I hosted in collaboration with a few weeks ago. It was a gathering where we shared food, wine and were able to hear about these two winemakers journeys—what inspires them, continues to drive them and why they continue to partner with and their Angels.

It was an evening that makes me excited and proud to be an Angel. There are so many reasons to support independent wine makers like Ana and Derek, but above all else, makes it possible to support the best artisans and puts you in control of what you receive for your investment—this is something no other subscription does.

That said, hit the link and and join the fun!

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