Summer Picnic Tips

Picnics are one of my favorite things about summer. The best ones are ones you can pull together last minute. It’s all about getting outside, enjoying good food, and relaxing. Of course, depending on the occasion, you can custom tailor any picnic to level up or pare it down. For me, I’m usually somewhere in between.

No matter what I decide on, Rubbermaid EasyFindLids Meal Prep Containers makes meals-on-the go for any picnic or adventure fuss-free. The lids and bases snap together for a modular design. This key detail keeps the containers from going topsy-turvy in transport. The divided container keeps food separate, so I can avoid packing multiple containers.

Once details like that and the food is worked out, all that is left is finding a spot. Somewhere to lay down the blanket to anchor the meal.

Here are a few helpful picnics tips:
Pack food that is temperature neutral. You don’t want hot food going cold, or worse yet, spoiling. Inversely, cold food going warm and bad.

Make sure you use containers Rubbermaid EasyFindLids Meal Prep Containers to avoid leaks and messes. The divided containers will also help to reduce carrying multiple containers for various food. You can shop the collection here.

Reduce your environmental impact and reduce the use of plastics and papers. Instead use containers like those in the photos, flatware over plastic forks and knives, cloth napkins over paper napkins.

Bring a tray to level out any uneven ground for your food to rest on.

Make sure that the blanket you have has a waterproof side to avoid any dampness from the ground.

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