Stocking Up on After-School Snacks

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If you hang out in my home for any great amount of time you are likely to hear these two phrases repeated when it comes to after school snacks: “Do we have anything eat?” and “I can’t find anything to eat.” Then repeated again 20 minutes later. Both of which are usually met with a sigh first then followed with, “Yes, of course we do. Look harder.”


But this summer I’m going to battle that insanity with a little planning. This past weekend, I took my little guy with me to Sam’s Club and had him pick out his own snacks.

Things like this giant tub of Member’s Mark Animal Crackers, that he asked if he could keep it in his room. Ummmm . . . NO. I’m sure if left to his own devices he would graze on these all day and supplement meals with it.


Next up: peanut butter. Lots of it. I’m right there with him, because I’m a huge peanut butter fan too, especially when it’s all natural like Member’s Mark Peanut Butter.


What’s snacking without drinking? So here we go: Honest Kids Juice Boxes. This is a household favorite and since they are sweetened only with fruit juice, I stock up on them.


Next, I’m teaching my little guy to be more self-sufficient. That means, learning to make his own snacks, a healthy balanced one—and one that does not involve dipping his animal crackers straight out of the peanut butter jar. From shopping for his own snacks to making his snack plate, I’m hoping this will keep the “I can’t find anything to eat” at bay.

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