Sips, Straws and Sand {Good Things}

I live less than five miles away from the beach, so it’s awesome and awful in one (but mostly awesome). The boys would drop everything for a trip to the sand, and who am I kidding, so would I, but adult-ing requires work, so it’s not always convenient.


Although this past Monday, I took advantage of the nice weather and my proximity to the beach to reset the cranky baby—who honestly, was driving me so crazy I couldn’t focus on even forming a sentence.


With that in mind, we made a pit stop to grab some new McCafe Smoothies and a McDonald’s Fruit N’ Yogurt Parfait to enjoy down at Laguna Beach. Just recently McDonald’s started making their smoothies and parfaits with Chobani Greek Yogurt. We’re big fans of Chobani in our house so we were pretty excited to learn that 800 McDonald’s restaurants would now be serving smoothies and parfaits made with nonfat Vanilla Chobani Greek Yogurt across Southern California.

Chobani’s mission in partnering with McDonald’s was simple; to provide better food for more people and in SoCal’s case, food options that truly fit our lifestyle. Which for us means distracting cranky baby’s with some quality time beachside with a good snack.


Look at those pictures, the little guy loves them. It was almost all that our family needed.

Almost. He looks peaceful and happy. He was. Then I tried to explain to him it was high tide, so he couldn’t run in the sand. Which translated to him as, “No, blah, blah, blah. No.” I’m sure you can guess what follows from him . . . Wahhhhhhh. Ear piercing. Something I’m used to, but the people on the beach may not be.


So like any good parent, I popped the smoothie straw in his mouth, we sat on a rock and I spooned into a parfait as we enjoyed a little time by the ocean. Tranquil happiness once more. Hey, I’m sure there are other ways to distract him, but I can’t be the perfect parent all the time.

Thank goodness there’s more Chobani to love in SoCal because he loves his delicious smoothie and it saved my poor ears from aging another few years.



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