Quiet Moments

Nowadays, I feel like everyone is so busy, that when there is free time, something has to be planned—something worthy, something to mark an occasion to be be remembered.

Matt and Cole June 17

But this past weekend, somewhere between baseball practice, juggling work deadlines and trying to get passports in order, I nearly dropped my phone in the toilet. It was at that point, Cole came at me, oblivious to the fact that my phone was inches away from being pretty much a useless paperweight, and said, “Can we do something?”

What I thought: Are you serious?

What I said: Yeah, of course.

Thai Style Peanut | Real Food by Dad

It was a great decision. We headed for a trail, no phone, no electronics—just the two of us and the two bags of Soy Vay® Popped Rice Clusters. Our favorites are the Ginger ‘n Sesame and Thai Style Peanut. We love the Asian inspired flavors. They are made from non-GMO, high quality ingredients, including popped wild and brown rice and other goodies like chia and sesame seeds.  Along with that, the snacks are gluten free, kosher and don’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives. See why I always keep my pantry stocked with these snacks?

Soy Vay Popped Rice Clusters | Real Food By Dad

Ginger Sesame Clusters | Real Food by dad

Packed and ready go, we set out for no point in particular. We just walked, joked around and side-stepped slugs and swarming bugs. Well, not me. I don’t quite understand how my tough little guy is so afraid of these creepy crawlers, but he is, and I know better than to say anything. I know one day, this child-like fear will fade to fearless wonderment.

Matt and Cole Soy Vay

I see it now as he climbs trees and runs down to streaming creeks looking for fish without even the slightest turn to make sure I’m behind him. Those are the moments that make being a dad the best part.

Cole Ginger Sesame

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Soy Vay. The opinions and text are all mine.


8 comments to " Quiet Moments "

  • Alice Choi

    Matt, I love this post! we all need days like this with our kids! I must try these Soy Vay snacks! and I have to ask: where did you get your camo pants? I need a pair!

  • Mary Ann @ the beach house kic

    What an awesome post Matt! Get ready, Cole’s gonna be a heartbreaker!

  • How fun and sweet! In a day and age where family values are increasingly hard to come by it’s really refreshing!

  • Wonderful post Matt, they grow up so fast it’s great when making time to cherish wonderful moments like this one!

  • foodnessgracious

    Dude I know exactly what you mean..but sometimes you have to just put things down and chill with the family 🙂

  • I think it’s so good to get away from it all and just spend those moments together. These are the moments he’ll remember!

  • Tutti Dolci

    You just can’t top quality family time, sounds like a great day!

  • Jennifer Bowler

    Glad you had some time with your son. I’m a teacher ad the biggest thing I’m looking forward to this summer is being able to spend some quality time with my kids. just hanging out. The other day each boy made a meal for our family. It was so fun to cook with each of them.

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