Part III: Volvo + Family Adventures

Naomi and I have always had different visions for what tops our list when we car shop.  But what we can agree on that’s at the very top of the list is how well it will aligns with our lifestyle.


That said, meet my newest co-pilot, Volvo car’s new XC90. The efficiency of the various drive modes makes this car a stand out for me. The Sensus Navigation and system that conveniently gives me access to in-car apps is amazing as well. But it’s those things paired with the safety features like the 360 Surround View Camera, Pilot Assist and Blis that makes it a top choice.

Volvo XC

The XC90s built-in safety features minimize my inclination for backseat driving and keep my type-A personality at bay. See how this car is moving beyond just being a means to an end? It’s slowly helping me to change my habits and relax more, because it is so comfortable – everything from the seats to the advanced safety and technology features.

Now that is something I won’t ever object to, especially if it means more time with my family and someone else at the wheel so I can do Mad Libs with the boys in the car on the way to the beach.


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