Kitchen Play with SuperKids

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My ten-year-old is already running through the house whining about school being around the corner. Whaaat? To keep him occupied, we’ve been doing some kitchen play time. Because only when you are 10 can you even think 6 weeks is around the corner.

Fairlife  Matt and The Boys

Six weeks at my age is, well – six weeks. I need every one of those days just to make it through my work schedule. But since he has me in go-mode for school, let’s talk about back-to-school snacks and drinks that refuel.

Fairlife Matt and Connor

I’m always on the hunt for things to keep my boys interested – this—as any parent will tell you, is no small feat. What’s great one day, quickly becomes tiresome a week later. Thank goodness for a handful of classics that never fall in the “good-bye” category, classics like: milk.


Not just any milk. We are a fairlife drinking house. If you haven’t had their ultra-filtered milk, what are you waiting for—go out and buy some. Not only does it taste better than any other milk, it also has more protein, is lactose free and has less sugar than other traditional brands. Each cup of fairlife ultra-filtered milk contains 50% more protein, 50% less sugar and 30% more calcium than conventional milk.

Fairlife Cole

Now to make things even more incredible fairlife is now available with 125mg of DHA Omega-3 in their new fairlife SuperKids ultra-filtered milk product. That’s more than the leading brand of DHA Omega-3 milk, which has 32mg of DHA. That is what I call super food for the kiddos. Not only am I going to be loading them up with fairlife after school, but this is going to be on tap before school and in their lunch box. It’s like the magic elixir for keeping kids fueled with a side of healthy!

Now all we have to figure out is this cookie recipe. Stay tuned, because it’s Cole’s first cookie recipe (with a lot of help from dad and mom) and he’s so excited about it.


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