How early is too early for school to start?

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I’m a big proponent of preschools like KinderCare for my kids. Both my older boys went and now my toddler is currently in going. I firmly believe that high quality early education leads to long-term success.

It has definitely taught my toddler, Connor, to be more independent at an early age. I love that preschool reinforces what Naomi and I already teach at home—if you are old enough to learn it, you’re old enough to master it. That means mastering skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and cooperative play.

Beyond these aspects, the teachers at KinderCare use Brigance® developmental screenings to make sure KinderCare kids ages zero to six are where they need to be—or find out if they need a little extra support in some areas. Children in their private kindergarten classes also participated in the TerraNova assessment, which gauged their progress in developing reading and math skills. The results of both studies came out in July, Brigance showed that KinderCare kids, on average, are more developmentally advanced than expected for their age, and TerraNova KinderCare kids enrolled in their kindergarten programs test at first-grade levels in math and reading—impressive, right?

I mean who can say no to that? Definitely read the full article here. And just as important, preschool is teaching him how to problem solve when I can’t play defense for him.

I’ve never been a helicopter parent, but it’s really hard to not over-step when your kid comes home upset and tells you stories that can only be interpreted as bullying. This is a tough subject. Most kid’s natural instinct is to: (1) cry or (2) strike back force-on-force either through words or physically. I’m not a fan of either.

We’ve taught him to navigate through these moments by using words that express his unhappiness with what is happening. And if that fails to stop the bullying, he’s been instructed to talk to a teacher or playground supervisor to help. He’s fiercely, independent so he’s always trying to handle everything himself. On most occasions talking to his peer takes care of it, but for the few instances when that didn’t work, a teacher’s involvement definitely nipped it in the bud. No matter how it’s resolved, I feel good that preschool is teaching him sensitivity, a sense of how to problem solve to help himself and is laying the ground work for long term success in so many ways.

If you have any little’s ones ready to for preschool, hit the jump here to see how KinderCare can help your kid get ahead start.


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