Holiday Kickstart + Capital One’s Savor Card

**This post is in collaboration with Capital One.

October marks the the beginning of my favorite time of the year. This is when the holidays start to hum into gear and food becomes an onslaught of one memorable meal after another. This year there will be an added bonus to all the food related festivities.


This year Capital One® is introducing their new card, an exciting credit card that makes it possible to earn unlimited cashback while doing what I I love—gathering with family and friends and turning meals into memories.

That is exactly what I did this past weekend with my family. For the past few years it’s been a tradition of mine and Naomi’s to go out to dinner to plan the details of our most significant holiday dinners. This year we decided to expand on that and invite my mom and some siblings.

We were all so caught up in the food and the company we all lost track of the goal: holiday planning. I’m not complaining though, food is central to so many of life’s moments – big and small – sometimes it’s to celebrate, other times to nourish and feed and on this occasion it was just nice to connect. This dinner is just another one of those moments where I was just as happy to sit and eat with them and let our intended goal pass for another day, another dinner.

Yay to that, especially since the Savorcard provides 3% cash back on dining and 2% on grocery purchases, so whether we all meet up at my house or out – I could get rewarded in more ways than one. That is the kind of benefit that will make me want to apply for for the card on its release. I love how straightforward it is to earn and redeem rewards with Savor℠.

Now I just have to figure out if we should eat out or dine in to really do that planning for the holidays as we initially intended.



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