Healthier Habits 2020

This post is sponsored by Centrum Multivitamins. All opinions are my own.

Let’s make 2020 the year of saying, “Yes!” I’m all about moderation, which means making healthier choices when and where I can.

To start, I’m leaving my phone downstairs overnight so I don’t just wake up and start answering emails from bed. I know it sounds simple, but it’s the small things, right?

Next up, making healthier eating habits. I’m not going to spend the year saying no to this or that. Instead, I’m doing what you see here. Making better-for-you snacks and meals. First one on the list is swapping out chocolate chip cookies for chocolate chip cookie granola. This means more grains in my diets while adding a few more superfood seeds and nuts into it as well.

This alone won’t do it in terms of getting all my vitamins and nutrients. So, while I’m making some changes here and there, the one constant is my Centrum Multivitamins. It ensures my body gets the vitamins and nutrients it needs. It’s part of my wellness routine that won’t need any adjustments.

It’s the food department that I’m working towards finding better-for-you spins on all the classics I love. First up is this chocolate chip cookie granola.


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