Easy Outdoor Entertaining

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Bota Box.


I love the long days of summer. I just wish the season was a little longer. I’m never ready for it to end, especially when Naomi and I can do simple outdoor entertaining like you see here.


For the food, we usually do grilled chicken and burgers (seen off camera because I burnt them while multi-tasking between cooking and taking these pictures—gah!), fruit platter, charcuterie board and a few sides. And of course, some Bota Box wines.


I know, before you sigh at the idea of boxed wines, let me start by saying these popular wines are sourced from select vineyards and crafted by winemakers with decades of experience. Their paper packaging vs. the traditional glass packaging creates 85% less landfill waste. Beyond that environmental impact, Bota has teamed up with Arbor Day Foundation to give back with their support of reforestation. Through this partnership, Bota Box has helped the Foundation plant over 200,000 trees across the nation.


But let’s talk about what matters most: the taste. For summer, I especially enjoy Bota’s Dry Rose because it’s not sweet. It has subtle aromas of raspberries, red rose, and flavors of strawberry cake and grapefruit zest—it’s one of my favorite summer sips.


Now that you are in the know, go grab your Bota Box and get outdoors and enjoy the long summer days while they last.


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