Dragon Fruit Smoothie and Organic Farming

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Stonyfield Organic Yogurt.

Let’s talk about this dragonfruit smoothie that can served as breakfast or a quick treat. Either way it’s served, smoothies are a go-to energy booster in my home. To pack it full of protein, I always use Greek yogurt, specifically Stonyfield Organic because it tastes the best and because it’s organic.

I’ve been using Stonyfield even before my partnership, but with the partnership I travelled to Vermont to learn more about organic farming. And here’s what happens when a city boy goes to a dairy farm: (1) you take an excessive amount of photos of cows and with cows (2) you learn to appreciate cows beyond the colored sketches of the story books you read to your kids (3) you stop, listen and learn all you can about the importance and commitment of organic farming and what is involved behind that 7-letter word.

For one, the impact for farmers to make the switch from conventional farming to organic is one that takes time — about 3 years time, during that time, certain regulations (way too involved be covered here, but hit this link to educate yourself) must be met and the land must be certified pesticide free and the animals must be antibiotic free for at least 12 months and thereafter. To provide some assistance for the conversion, Stonyfield offers grants to  aid the success as well

For many of farmers, like the Miller family, converting to organic is about a  commitment to creating a healthy ecosystem. An ecosystem that ensures a better consumer product and one that creates better animal care. And since I’m not going to claim to understand every impact of how organic farming contributes to a better overall environment, I do highly suggest you educate yourself here at this link to see for yourself how it does contribute to a better consumer product as it works its way down the food chain to products like Stonyfield. And an environment that is more humane and stress-free for the cows. On an organic dairy farm, you can expect cows to have access to the outdoors every day, with the enjoyment of shade, shelter, exercise areas, fresh air and sunlight. There is also zero use of antibiotics, unless a cow’s healthy depends on drug intervention, and then that cow leaves the organic herd.

For these reasons, I proudly support organic. I realize it can be costly for many of us, but like the farmers, it takes commitment to see change, so with that I’m sacrificing elsewhere to allot myself that much more extra money to buy organic. It’s an easy everyday contribution to make to better our environment and it serves my kids much better nutritionally.  Who’s going to say no to those two those things?

Along with supporting organic, I’m all about organic yogurt from Stonyfield because: (1) it’s the best tasting yogurt, but (2) because I love it when a company is more than just their product. Stonyfield from the start has never stopped working for healthy food, healthy, people and and a healthy planet – that is an ethos I can proudly stand behind.

Now for the fun part . . . .pssst, head over to Instagram to see show you can be entered to win 2 months of free yogurt!

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