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Chicken and Waffles Nachos

March Madness meets food madness. And by food madness, I mean artery-clogging, finger-licking, double-dipping Chicken and Waffles Nachos.

Chicken and Waffles Nacho | Real Food by Dad

I’m on a nacho run, so get ready for a few more, but for today we are doing this one.

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Egg-Stuffed Bacon & Scallion Pancakes

March 10, 2015  |  Breakfast, Brunch, Easy, Family, Pork, Savory  |  32 Comments

Let’s do this, because it’s crazy! Think pancake meets bacon and scallion biscuit gone loco, stuffed with an egg.

Egg Stuffed Bacon & Scallion Breakfast Pancakes | Real Food by Dad

You are going to love this on-the-go breakfast treat. Okay, you don’t have to be on-the-go, but seriously, how convenient are these?

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Spicy Hawaiian Carnitas Tacos

February 8, 2015  |  Dinner, Family, Fruit, Lunch, Pork, Savory, Slow Cook, Spicy, Vegetables  |  43 Comments

The slow cooker is where it’s at these days, especially when it turns out food like these Spicy Hawaiian Carnitas Tacos. I’m all about prep, drop and walk away.

Spicy Hawaiin Carnita Tacos via Real Food by Dad

If I could make eggs in the slow-cooker, I would. But since soupy eggs are out with my family, I’m serving this along with a few recipes that will be coming soon.

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