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Zucchini Boats

Remember these potato boats? Well, I’m back at it with zucchini boats.

Zuchinni Boats via Real Food by Dad

Admittedly, I’m the big carnivore in the house, the boys run somewhere in the middle and Naomi is far to the left with your lawn clippings and seeds (total term of endearment for her salad preferences). But these zucchini boats, they are a crowd pleaser all the way around.

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Individual Cheeseburger Pull-Apart Bread

April 5, 2015  |  Beef, Cheese, Comfort, Dinner, Easy, Lunch, Party, Savory  |  37 Comments

What’s better than pull-apart bread? Individual pull-apart bread. Because nothing is worse than waiting behind someone to “pull-apart” their piece while you wait, and then made worse when they’re pulling it apart and discarding pieces to get to that one piece that’s heavily packed with all the goodies.

Individual Cheeseburger Pull-Apart Bread | Real Food by Dad

Ah-hem, that would be me. The person, or persons (who’s counting), waiting—the rest of the family.

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Totcho Supreme

That’s right, Totchos—tater tot nachos. They’re a thing and made a bigger thing by loading them up with some carne asada, chorizo, guacamole, sour cream and some heat.

Tatcho Supreme | Real Food by Dad

These are big, heavy and unapologetically messy and calorie-filled. But who’s counting those numbers, when the only number that matters during March Madness is the score. That is unless you are counting numbers following a dollar sign.

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