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Caribbean Chicken Tacos

August 5, 2014  |  Brunch, Cheese, Chicken, Comfort, Dinner, Easy, Family, Lunch, Quick, Savory  |  82 Comments

Fast and easy meals are a must around here. But having enough fast and easy recipes to please everyone in the family isn’t always so easy. And as much as I dislike it, I’m the first to admit, some days Naomi and I are short order cooks for the boys.

Caribbean Chicken Tacos from Real Food by Dad

However, these Caribbean Tacos were enjoyed by all, including my mom and sister. I brought these over to mom’s for Sunday dinner and they were a big hit. That’s an especially good thing since this is a recipe for a guest post over at Chez Us.

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Shepherd’s Pie Pockets

I’ve always been a decent multi-tasker, but with the recent birth of our third son (7 weeks old), I am quickly becoming a multi-tasking machine. We both are in fact, we have no other choice if we want to keep these blogs going! Cooking, baking, styling, shooting, writing, social media, you name it, all done most of the time with one hand. Impressive huh?!

Shepherd's Pie Pocket from Real Food by Dad

And along with that, the more I am all about quick & easy, fun & tasty meals for the family. These Shepherd’s Pie Pockets fit that to a tee. These turned out as good as I expected. Comfort food in a crescent roll. Love that they are hand held and not messy at all, which makes a dad like me happy. Less to wipe off the table and sweep off the floor!

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Chicken Ranch Casserole

Summer. My favorite time of year. The weather is perfect (as usual here), fruit is abundant, the beach is 15 minutes away, and the boys are out of school and enjoying every day to the fullest. We try not to sign them up for too many things over the summer. To us, summer is about taking it easy, going with the flow, finding adventure in every day. And with that, our summer dishes are usually quite simple and easy too, just like this Chicken Ranch Casserole.

Chicken Ranch Casserole via Real Food by Dad

Are you looking for an easy, family-pleasing dish that takes less than 30 minutes to make? Well, look no further, you’ve found it in this casserole. Only seven ingredients are needed and it’s so easy that the kids can help prepare this – chicken, taco seasoning, ranch dressing, chicken broth, heavy cream, spinach and rotini pasta. Of course, any pasta works, our boys just happen to prefer rotini for some reason.

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